¿Cuánto cuesta crear una marca de lencería?

How much does it cost to create a lingerie brand?

Udhara is a personal project born from a life change of the founder.

The process up to the launch of a lingerie brand is not easy at all. You can read it in this post.

But it is that what comes later is not being either. When you have invested almost the entire budget for the launch. It turns out that you are like a store in a dark alley that no one sees. And you have to gradually get people to approach her. How? You go out to the street offering shots like in pubs. Good 'ol times!. No. We are not for that.

For now, we are telling you that we are launching the product at a price without margin and without an advertising budget.

All this materializes in the cost of a bra...

Fabric and manufacturing costs: €13

Label costs: €0.24

Packaging costs: €2

Logistics costs: €2

Payment gateway commissions. €1

Fixed costs: €8 (SSocial, shopify platform, other platforms, agency).

Salary costs: €0

Marketing costs: €0

Launch price: €26 + 21% VAT = €32

These high costs are the reason for local manufacturing, a design, an organic material, with no treatments other than color, and sustainable and organic materials in the packaging... There are no salaries, there is no margin. There is no spending on advertising, at the moment. Our benefit is that you try our lingerie, if you give us feedback we are infinitely grateful, and if you like it and recommend it, you make us so happy that we could fly!

You can see our products here

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