The manifesto

We are committed to our values ​​and principles, which guide us in all our decisions:

Our values:  

We take care of the health of the planet, and of the people, both those who make our products and those who carry them.

Our principles:  

  • Objective 0 impact on the health of the planet and people.

  • Fair price policy throughout the year. We do not do promotions, except in launches or mistakes that, as little people that we are, we can commit.

  • We do not do Blackfriday nor do we communicate it.

  • We only celebrate International Breast Cancer Day ( October 19) and Working Women's Day ( March 8 ). Because they are our causes.

  • High quality requirement, a pattern that is not symmetrical will not pass the control.

  • Transparency , which should only be noticed through our actions.