The Udhara Project

How is Udhara born?

My name is Ana. I am the founder of Udhara. This project stems from an important personal change. Originating in a time of lack of absolute freedom. I spent 3 years dedicating my life to work, combining several jobs at the same time. Without investing time in me, or in my people.

One day my body and my mind said enough.

I was left alone with my main job, while I took a few months to think about whether I was being the person I wanted to be. Then the change began...

Go shopping, cook, take care of my family and friends, sports, my priority. The environment and single-use waste, my fight. In this way, I began to redirect “an Ana”, who seemed to have gotten lost. Have you ever felt like this?

In this process, I realized that I could no longer wear clothes or underwear made of plastic (polyester or polyamide). But what was cotton was not especially sexy. How could I do it...?

Creating it myself.

I embarked on this project, hoping to create a brand that would allow women to wear healthy and sexy clothes.

I started alone. In just a few months, there is already a great team behind it. United under a Manifesto and Values.

What we want?

Our mission is to dress women with natural, sustainable and comfortable underwear with which they can feel sexy on a daily basis.

Can you help us make it grow? 

Our values

We are committed to our values ​​which guide us in all our decisions:

  1. Objective Zero impact on the health of the planet and people.
  2. Fair price all year. We do not do promotions, except in launches or some exception such as an Anniversary.
  3. We don't do Blackfriday and we don't make a big deal out of it saying we don't.
  4. We only celebrate the International Day Against Breast Cancer (October 19) and that of working women (March 8).
  5. High demand in quality, we demand a high symmetry in patterns and seams.
  6. We are transparent. Policy that should only be noted in our actions and not in our acts.

And this is me:

Foundress of Udhara. Businesswoman and entrepreneurial woman.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us :)