¿Qué se considera ropa interior sostenible?

What is considered sustainable underwear?

Sustainability is a very fashionable concept today. We are all or want to be sustainable. And hopefully this movement continues to grow, because the planet really needs it. But what is sustainability or being sustainable?

According to the RAE, the definition of sustainable is: Especially in ecology and economy , which can be maintained for a long time without depleting resources or causing serious damage to the environment .

That said, can you be 100% sustainable? and 100% natural? When we started this we thought so. However, with all our efforts, we believe we are at 95%. Let me tell you.

The fabric , after evaluating alternatives of contamination and toxicity of different fabrics , we chose 100% organic cotton.

Wait a minute, underwear can't be 100% cotton. Because cotton does not stretch, and it needs to stretch to adapt to the body. How good! The first, in the front. We got a GOTs 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex bra. Spandex is plastic. We got tired of looking for a natural elastic mixed with cotton. We did not find. We keep looking.

The straps must also be elastic. Solution, we cover them as much as possible in cotton, so that the elastic surface in contact with the skin is reduced as much as possible.

Organic cotton panties were easy.

The composition label is cotton . Our next step is to make it organic cotton, but for the launch it was impossible. In this case, what other brands do is use polyester, which is much cheaper and twice as polluting.

The cardboard labels for clothing are made from 100% recycled paper with an FSC certificate that ensures responsible forest management.

The thread that holds the cardboard labels, we almost had to choose a plastic one, to give the brand formality, since we couldn't find any that were up to the level. We finally found a waxed cotton thread, which was perfect for our sustainable underwear brand.

The packaging , we value tissue paper, 100 times cheaper, but it was a single-use waste. So we opted for some 100% GOTS organic cotton bags, without dyeing, for the packaging. In this case it is 100%. When you receive the order, if you dare to try an Udhara, remember to assess the difference between an organic cotton fabric with elastane and a 100% organic cotton fabric.

The envelope is a part of recycled paper, everything that technology allows so that the envelope is strong enough to transport the order without being damaged. and has a PEFC sustainable forest certificate.

We manufacture in Portugal because they are experts in underwear, to reduce the carbon footprint and ensure adequate working conditions.

The design is ours, and it is designed in Spain.

For all these reasons, we believe that we have achieved more than 90% sustainability, which is all that can be achieved. 100% is a utopia.

We are a Spanish brand of organic cotton underwear. A sustainable underwear brand in Spain.

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