¿El poliéster crea cáncer?

Does polyester cause cancer?

Polyester is a 100% synthetic material, very popular in fashion fabrics and underwear. It does not need fields or plantations, because we are talking about a petroleum derivative.

Take a good look at its features:

    • Strong and resistant fiber
    • light
    • It does not absorb humidity, it transmits a sensation of dryness when touched (2-5% of water absorbs only)
    • Repels stains .
    • Does not deform, does not shrink.
    • It does not wrinkle easily.

The most common polyester is PET (polyethylene enterere phthalate ) - stay with this ending -, although there are others such as PBT or PCHDT, which are increasingly used.

Polyester does not breathe, organic cotton is better

Now I want to show you what implications this composition and its magnificent properties have on our health.

According to a study carried out by the OCU we have:

Phthalates: Additives to improve the flexibility and durability of the plastic. They can affect the hormonal and reproductive system.

    Baby bodysuits, t-shirt prints and pajamas...

    Does it not coincide with the ending of the technical name of polyester...? I told you to watch out. And... it is not necessary for it to be resistant and not deform or wrinkle...?

    Have you wondered about fertility problems in Spain? You don't need to do a study, look around you. Let's continue.

    Noniphenols : Soaps used in the process of dyeing clothes. It is corrosive to the eyes, skin and respiratory system. Disrupts the endocrine system and can cause pulmonary edema.

    Underwear Oh my God! And that's why I started this project. 

    Nitrogen and Dispersants: Substances and dyes used for dyeing. Dispersants cause allergies but azo compounds are carcinogenic… without words.

    pajamas, underwear

    We also know the high degree of penetration of cancer worldwide.

    Heavy metals (Chromium, nickel, lead…): Used for dyes and accessories. They are toxic.

    Sport shirts, buttons, buckles

    Formaldehyde : It is used to help fix other substances with the aim of repelling stains, anti-wrinkles, and preventing the appearance of fungi. It can cause malignant tumors, respiratory problems and skin irritation.

    We meet them in pajamas

    Within all this, it is important to bear in mind that all these components are considered harmful to human health from a certain amount. But, is it really necessary to be exposed to these toxins even in minimal amounts? And how do we make sure that the clothes we wear have more or less of these components?

    It is important to take care of our health and our body. That is why we bet on organic cotton underwear . You might be interested in Why wear organic cotton lingerie.


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