Sujetador de algodón orgánico

Organic cotton bra

Organic cotton bras , our new "must".


And we can give you a thousand reasons to decide on an organic cotton bra. Because yes, as we have already said, fashions that never go out are usually the best.

The benefits of an organic cotton bra embrace many aspects, the main ones being the fact of being ecological and responsible with our environment and, on the other, careful with our well-being by being hypoallergenic. In short, this intimate garment translates into HEALTH.

Organic cotton bras are breathable, which helps us keep our chest cool and dry, without the risk of uncomfortable chafing or eczema caused by sweat and excess heat.

They are ideal for those times when our chest is hypersensitive , such as the days of period or premenstrual, and even during our pregnancy. At this point, for moms it is one of the best solutions since this type of bras offers great stability for the chest, generating comfort without exerting pressure and offering a delicate touch as well as a great absorption capacity in the event of any small loss. It is possible thanks to the fact that it is a bra without rings or rods. All this combined in a single garment, durable and timeless.

Organic cotton also boasts of being a material free of toxins and chemicals that are harmful to our skin, general health and the environment. These bras are ecological and therefore friendly to our entire environment.

The quality and durability of this type of bras is unquestionable and unmatched since, as we said, it is not only timeless but also easy to care for and lasts, since it can withstand up to 100 washes without changing its shine and softness.

Last but not least, organic cotton bras , despite being non-wired bras , offer 100% firmness and you can find wonderful models that are very sensual, contrary to popular belief. Therefore, we repeat, the best fashions are those that our mothers and grandmothers still wear and wear, always wise. We are already here to reinvent them 😉

At Udhara we have wanted to create bras that combine all these advantages, that really meet all your needs and that, to top it all off, have the least possible impact on our environment.

Therefore, isn't it an essential in our wardrobe?

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