5 razones para llevar un pijama de algodón orgánico GOTs este verano

5 reasons to wear GOTs organic cotton pajamas this summer

My mother always says, what you use a lot and what you eat a lot always has to be good.

How many hours do we wear underwear or pajamas? It is the first question that comes to mind after this comment from my mother.

The pajamas are with him at least 10 hours a day, without taking into account those that we use as clothes to be at home. Reason 1. At the same time, it is a product that lasts a long time. - I still wear pajamas from when I was 10 years old and I'm 34, I'll say no more.- Reason 2.

Under these premises, we have designed the first organic cotton pajamas from Udhara. It is fresh, functional, comfortable pajamas, with quality fabric, meticulous finishes, OEKTO-TEX certified mother-of-pearl buttons. Soft, neutral colors that favor.

What is the good? That in addition to being able to sleep with it, you can wear organic cotton pajamas in different ways, to go down to buy bread, to go out with your friends. Reason 3.

Organic cotton pajamas for the street

Thinking about this is very good, but... in addition to carrying a product that does not have toxins, or at least the minimum possible so that our skin is healthy, it will be important to know if the person who manufactures our garment is also doing it in suitable conditions. health and safety, as well as being paid a fair wage. For these two reasons we work with a workshop in Madrid. For this reason, and for proximity to reduce the carbon footprint. Reason 4.

These decisions, of waste and zero impact, have very high cost implications, and that we want to tell you about because we believe that it is good to be aware of this impact and with this Reason 5.

+ Fabric, cut and sewing: €20

+ Packaging and copay-shipping: €2.5

+ Gross margin: €25*

+ VAT: €10

* In the gross margin, the costs of design, pattern, prototypes, photography, payment gateway commission (€1.2), fixed costs such as freelancers' fee, ecommerce platform, management...

In short, what is good, beautiful and cheap... is relative.

I want to see the pajamas

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