Estilo de vida natural

nature lifestyle

How many times have we asked ourselves if we like the lifestyle we lead?

Early mornings, I run out of the house with a coffee, traffic jams, endless hours at work, does the work I do really fill me? Gym or not, depending on the weather. And a beer when you get home, to increase your low level of endorphins a little. After an exhausting day. And this bra you're wearing, it's killing you, you take it off and throw it on the couch. Feet on the table.

Precisely, this time we are living, has made us put a brake on all that. Those who are aware of their reality will take measures to avoid repeating what they did not like about their lifestyle, those who did not... good luck with it.

And it is that life is to live it... live it intensely, and also enjoy day to day.

Find that natural lifestyle. Eat healthy, eat natural products that are not processed. Do sports 30 minutes a day, at least. Move that "serrano body" and you will see results very soon.

Quality prevails over quantity. In your relationships, in your clothes, in your food, in everything you do. Take care of the world around you, reduce the consumption of waste in the environment. Bet on buying in bulk. Look at the labels of what you buy. From food to clothing.

In clothes... have you noticed what the fabrics you wear are made of? stop for a second and look at the label? Does it say 90% polyester by any chance? That means you're wearing plastic. It is not natural fashion. It is not natural lingerie. If you are looking for a natural lifestyle, ask yourself if these fabrics are aligned with it.

To adopt a natural lifestyle, there are many habits in your life that you will have to change. And one of them, and important, will be your underwear. Organic cotton lingerie, natural lingerie, is the best balance between your health and the environment. Take care of your body, because he and your mind, is your most precious. No one is going to take better care of it than you.

Tell me if you dare to this lifestyle?

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