¿Es bueno o es malo llevar sujetador?

Is it good or bad to wear a bra?

Without being experts in the matter. We have been studying this for a long time. It is curious to read about the 2 movements that exist, for and against wearing a bra.

The bra is an element that is first of all very attached and spends many hours in contact with the body. It should be comfortable, not leave marks, and if possible you won't notice it.

In different investigations they deal with the following points in relation to the use of the bra:

  1. Wearing a bra that is too tight can compress lymph nodes and channels, preventing the body from naturally releasing toxins through lymphatic drainage.
  2. A very tight bra can also hinder circulation.
  3. Its use weakens the tensor muscles of the chest, which are responsible for supporting it naturally.
  4. There are studies that affirm that women who did not wear a bra have nipples between 5 and 7 mm higher than the girls who used it.

However, the pro-bra movement claims that there is no scientific evidence on any of the above points. What's more, they claim that gravity acts on breasts without a bra causing an early fall compared to girls who wear a bra.

We find it a very interesting debate. We have wanted to consider the above points, designing an organic cotton bra, without underwire, without rods, that does not oppress, is comfortable, and allows these lymphatic drainage to occur. In addition, it is important for us that the natural shape of the breast is not altered. Nature is beautiful. We do not want or need push up. Who said otherwise?

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