Braguita y sujetador de algodón orgánico negro sobre sábana

Creating the first model of Udhara has been like organizing a wedding

Launching a lingerie brand, or any other, is like organizing a wedding.

First what do you choose the farm or the dress? The farm.

we start looking for a workshop We wanted to manufacture in Spain, pull google, instagram, contacts. Impossible. Then we discovered that we don't have workshops because they are all in Portugal. And although we still didn't know the Vecina Rubia, we thought that it was still a good option to get closer to investigate this country. It wasn't easy, but no one said it would be.

- Manufactures in India. - Said a friend. We also investigated India, just in case. Interesting to discover that manufacturing costs were 4 times lower than in Portugal. To do? It was tempting. Actually no, it wasn't. We had it clear. Local manufacturing and good working conditions. We finally found our workshop! A small with a great team that was perfect for us.

Once we had “the farm”, with a wedding planner included. Dress. The fabric , we wanted bamboo. Mistake. This made us go around in unnecessary circles, although we learned that we do not like bamboo . Because although its growth is sustainable, its manufacturing process is toxic. Therefore, neither sustainable nor healthy. So okay, this was like when you realize that the Princess cut you've always wanted doesn't suit you. Change of course to organic cotton, engines at full throttle. We finally got the fabric we wanted. Not everyone was good for us. It had to be GOTs certified, free of unnecessary manufacturing processes, and extremely smooth. We had it!

The design is ours. We design in Spain.

Everything is ready? Nein.

The tags. Oh my God, how many labels does it take? Size, composition, brand. Well, without size, because without composition, you can't by law, because without a brand, it's shabby. They are polyester. Not joking. What do we do?. -Why don't you do screen printing? - Another friend. - It's important to have friends. Because it's not natural either. We will talk about this in another chapter. We find cotton labels , we make them without size, with composition and with logo. The polyester ones were worth half.

Cardboard labels . Recycled and sustainable paper. We continue to increase costs.

The envelopes. Not plastic. That they are recyclable. Among those who have a certificate of treatment of PEFC sustainable forests and those that do not. Why don't you know the price difference? Chan chan… also twice as much . Which ones do we choose? ALWAYS faithful to our values.

And… other issues in relation to packaging… a little more of the same. We are not telling you to make it a surprise.

And so... everything. Flowers, invitations, photographer. Well... website, platform, logistics service, logistics web platform, photographer, we also need, model...

And this is the result.

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