5 Marcas de Ropa Sostenible fabricada en España y liderada por Mujeres

5 Sustainable Clothing Brands made in Spain and led by Women

1. Sustainable women's lingerie - Udhara

Ana, from Alicante, creates Udhara, a brand of organic cotton women's lingerie. Always with the vision of offering healthy lifestyles, caring for the health of people and the planet. Fabrics, patterns and production of the highest quality give rise to extraordinary products. Soft, comfortable, non-marking, it looks like you're not wearing them, and most importantly, they're toxic-free.

Organic Cotton Women's Lingerie made in Spain and led by women

3. Sustainable Shoes - Loopo Green

Rosa and Ana, two sisters from Santander, create Loopo Green, a unisex brand whose main pillar is sustainable shoes, made with natural rubber soles without glue or chemicals and manufactured one by one in an artisanal way in Spain. They are very flexible and have a double removable insole.
During their 7 collections, which are not few, they have used different materials
textiles, always vegan and in the last two seasons they expanded the
collection with two ankle boots that have a waterproof membrane incorporated.

For each collection we are inspired by nature and hidden corners
typical of our land.
They also have organic cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts with designs

Sustainable fashion made in Spain and led by women

4. Sustainable Backpacks - Kimu Bags

Helena, from Lleida, designs and manufactures 100% natural rubber backpacks and bags with her own hands. A sustainable, toxic-free and resistant fabric that makes up these accessories made in a traditional way.

It was her childhood, marked by creativity, and having grown up among a lot of artistic and artisanal talent, that made her become what she is today: designer, pattern maker, cutter, and hands that give rise to these outrageously good products.

6 sustainable fashion brands made in Spain

5. Sustainable Yoga - reading yoga

Xénia, from Barcelona, ​​detects the importance of the skin breathing and wearing garments with breathable fabrics, which prevent us from breathing the micro and nanoplastics that others such as polyester give off, as well as possible skin irritations. In this way Leser Yoga arises, it offers garments to carry out your Yoga practice made with natural materials such as organic cotton, or using seaweed, mixed with it, creating a biodegradable fabric that allows vitamins, minerals to reach the skin. and amino acids from them. They also manufacture locally.

Sustainable fashion made in Spain and led by women

6. Practice Sustainable Sport - actandbe

Laura, from Ciudad Real, designs and generates garments made with the utmost care for our Earth. Use sustainable materials such as organic cotton, organic bamboo fiber or recycled polyester. Never materials of animal origin.

100% of the production of Act and Be is local, from the fabrics to the making of the garments, including the labels or the packaging, everything is manufactured in Spain. It is the most effective way to reduce the carbon footprint. Laura decides to launch herself in this brand, for the same reason that we did it in Udhara, that intersection of the need for a slow life and contributing to the planet with sustainable clothing. And I love it when he says: "Slow life is simply life."

Sustainable fashion made in Spain and led by women

7. Sleep Sustainable - udhara

Udhara's pajamas are functional, soft, cute, comfortable, unique and sustainable. Made of organic cotton in a small workshop in Madrid. You can use them as Homewear, to go down for bread, take a walk, go to the beach or... simply to sleep. Feel pretty.

Organic cotton pajamas made in Spain. 100% ecological

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